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Text Viewer in title

Text Viewer Features * plain and rich text format support * multi tab interface so you can edit multiple documents in a session * compact application size commands undo/redo cut/copy/paste search document set fon
Size: 1.2M
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ribbon-based interface edit RTF edit txt edit robots.txt  
Text Viewer and Editor 2 Program can edit the text. It can paste symbols from the character list.
Size: 877.2 KB
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editing text Edit Character edit list permission  
Random Text Viewer View random line or paragraph from your text file.
Size: 6.48K
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view text file document paragraph format paragraph  
Semagsoft Text Viewer Semagsoft Text Viewer A small and easy to use text file Viewer
Size: 583 KB
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Text File Viewer Text Viewer text line viewer  
Text fragment viewer Reads only parts of large text files
Size: 788 KB
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Reader Read read text Text Reader fragment .pub viewer  
Easy text viewer This utility displays the contents of txt, htm, html, bat, rtf files
Size: 2.6 MB
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viewer Reader view Text Viewer Document editor HTML viewer  

Text Viewer in tags

Head Easily view the first lines of a text files with this console tool
Size: 497 KB
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grab grabber viewer view Text Viewer View Text  
Long Titles Firefox extension that can display you long tooltips titles
Size: 21 KB
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viewer Text Viewer firefox Title Long Titles viewer  
Nanopad A small and easy to use text editor
Size: 51 KB
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editor edit viewer Text Viewer text editor write text  
Text File Viewer Text File Viewer - The powerful “Search and you will find” tool.
Size: 304 KB
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editor viewer File Viewer Text File Viewer Text Viewer  
AmiPad A text viewer with the look and feel of Amiga's guide viewer.
Size: 106 KB
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editor edit viewer Text File Viewer Text Viewer text editor  
Fast Text File Viewer A powerful text file viewer with explorer style interface.
Size: 771 KB
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viewer view text Text File Viewer Text Viewer View Text  

Text Viewer in description

AmiPad The AmiPad application was designed to be a text viewer with the look and feel of Amiga's guide viewer. Can handle text files bigger than 64k and supports different text styles.
Size: 106 KB
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editor edit viewer Text File Viewer Text Viewer text editor  
VietText A Vietnamese Text editor/viewer/convertor. It supports 40+ charsets, including the most popular ones: VIQR, TCVN, VIQR, VISCII, and VNI. It features action with the clipboard, direct conversion of the...
Size: 519K
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Clipboard Viewer text convertor vietnamese text  
Meeting Pal Host It comes with a number of tools: image viewer, Text editor, slide viewer, drawing tool and integrated text messenger.
Size: 13.28 MB
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meet meet and fuck  
Eethal Viewer Eethal Viewer features auto-rotation and enables you to export the node coordinates, element connectivity and the result data to a Text file and save it to your computer.
Size: 11.69MB
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Cartoon Viewer pic monkey photo download god krishna  
PDF Text Viewer PDF Text Viewer is the first PDF text viewer and extractor that produces real readable result. It works great for most of PDF files. You can view PDF file in pure text mode, and you can save all the t...
Size: 791 KB
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viewer PDF PDF viewer text Text Viewer PDF text extractor  
AFarm It includes an image viewer, a Text editor, a media player, a PDF viewer, a web browser and a gif viewer. Additionally, you can use it to take snapshots of your desktop, as well as unzip and browse ar...
Size: 15.72MB
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player editor image viewer Browser text editor Web Browser